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With colours and shapes to entice individuality and personality, Nubrik's traditional yet cutting edge character make it ready to take on the next 100 years.

With their crisp, sharp edges, Nubrik Traditional bricks exude quality and will endure for generations to come. Their elegance and honesty, rich colour blends and pressed face textures make them extremely popular with discerning architect, builder and homeowner.

Developed over months of trials in our Wollert plant, our research and development team has achieved something genuinely special - a pressed brick with timelessly beautiful subtle marbling. It allows the clay to mimic natural rock, creating distinctive and appealing naturally multicoloured tones.

Drawing inspiration from Victoria's frosty alpine environments with their palette of cool grey and contemporary winter hues, this range combines a modern grey palette with the traditional quality and cachet found in genuine pressed brick.

Inspired by the character and rustic charm of Melbourne's famous back streets and lanways. With their inner city character and sometimes bold colour variations, this double sided brick can show manufacturing marks and kiln burns that reflect the age-old authenticity of the materials.

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Born in Melbourne, with its subtly-textured faces and crisply-defined edges, Nubrik encapsulates the colours, qualities and lifstyle that Australians have come to admire. This carefully selected, premium collection of pressed bricks are used in prestigious homes and buildings throughout the country, and will instantly create a look and feel that will never grow old.

Originality is an essential quality of style. Nubrik has remained true to its core principles for close to a century, and produces rich colour blends, found only in genuine pressed bricks. This gives Nubrik an air of glamour and sophistication, making it a versatile architectural choice, able to fit looks both classic and contemporary.

Acknowledged by generations of discerning architects, builders and home-owners, Nubrik's timless appeal has allowed it to remain desirable no matter what is currently in vogue. With colours and shapes to entice individuality and personality, this premium range's traditional yet cutting edge character, make it ready to take on the next 100 years.

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